Fund Raising


GANBARO-MIYAGI (Recovery Assistance Center of MIYAGI) raises fund from the public. We are operating on the disaster site today If you are willing to support our effort to help the devastated people, your cash donation will be the most appreciated assistance under current circumstances so that we can continue our on-site operation with your goodwill. Just after the disaster was broadcasted, we got lots of e-mails from friends that they were ready to send commodity aid to us. But there was no access to our area. We were completely isolated even with arterial roadway available because of shortage of gasoline. Even though goods could be sent out, it would be just stuck somewhere far away from us only with trucks with empty tank. In order to continue to work on recovery of this area by ourselves, we really need financial support.

What to be realized with your donation

  • Fill up a gas tank of trucks for logistics
  • Transport commodities to small shelters by rent-a-car
  • Purchase kitchen tools for soup-run
  • Lease a warehouse for storage of commodities sent from safe area – Hire people who have lost their job
  • Provide mental care support for people living at the shelters
  • Let volunteers use mobile phone for internal communication Thank you for your hearty consideration.

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